The big part of me is making things. I rarely can spend few days without trying out some idea or new technology. At the same time I really like deeply focusing on one project but I am still looking for one that will be useful for people. If you have an idea or a project - don't hesitate to text me.

I prefer to learn things myself but I love to have a mentor which I can bother. I never have one so I learn things myself.

Despite the fact that I was born in Russia I don't identify myself as a typical Russian nor I share values of most russians. I prefer Finnish, German and some other Nordic cultures which pursue rationalism, equality and humbleness.

I strongly belive that our methods of software development will change soon because of the 'exponential hangover' and that we should find reliable ways to use parallelism. I see functional programming as one of the solutions for the future problems.

♥︎ mindfulness

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Photo of a young man in a VR headset

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